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Marckwort Ltd is your company’s best training partner  

Marckwort Ltd´s long experience, versatile know-how and our training methods that focus on interaction help your company to be more successful. Our top priority is to produce concrete results and make an impact on the practical work of the participants with the help of our trainings. Our goal is always to bring about a genuine change in the participants. 

Marckwort: We train, develop and help drive change  

We improve interaction skills of trainers and presenters and within teams 

Help your company’s experts to train, onboard and perform successfully. Effective and well planned training and onboarding saves time and money. We help your company’s experts develop their training skills and ensure that your trainings are impressive and functional. Great presentation skills are also noticed – The message of a good speaker is convincing and arouses the audience’s interest. 

We help customer service agents to serve even better  

Our training and survey services help your employees become more efficient in customer service and sales situations while your company ensures the quality of customer service on a larger scale.  

We help your employees overcome language barriers  

Our language trainings open doors to collaboration and communication between your company and new partners, customers and target groups. 

We help to plan change projects and to implement the changes  

With the help of the change support we offer, your company successfully anchors new changes in your employees. Our work is always people-oriented, and our focus is on influencing the human factors in the change work.  

A solid background in pedagogical expertise and the industry’s leading trainers  

Our company is a known forerunner in terms of teaching methods. It is important to us that our courses have a practical structure with a lot of interaction and opportunities for the course participants to participate actively. We plan our trainings carefully together with our clients and select methods and examples that fit the specific client’s situation. We create an efficient whole that combines theory, social learning and practical exercises in the best possible way. Our methods include various facilitation tools, teamwork and practical examples. We actively follow up on new research in learning, which we use as support when we develop our methods.  

Learning is a process that includes genuine motivation, new knowledge, insights, shared learning and development, and practice in appropriate proportions. Our goal is a functioning whole that aims to develop skills and visible results. 

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